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New Businesses

When we take on a new customer the first thing we do is to examine the existing situation in detail from a tax and commercial point of view and consider where or not improvements and tax savings can be made.

For new businesses:

  • we suggest a suitable business structure
  • project tax and other key figures from the information to hand and compare to alternatives
  • Forecast results as best we can to give the owner a reasonable idea of a most likely anticipated tax liability and other key figures in the early stages.
  • Estimate costs

Where Riverside takes on an existing business, we apply the same basic approach and look at the business with a fresh eye. It is so often the case that the clients have been receiving no useful tax or commercial advise from previous advisors. During the first meeting, a broad strategy is usually conceived. Once implemented it usually saves clients significant levels of tax or simplifies the business, thereby saving costs.

A cost benefit analysis is always undertaken on the client’s behalf and estimated tax liabilities are given where possible. Whether you are a new start up or an existing business we always look at this aspect first. It is usually the key to keeping tax and compliance costs to a minimum and building a successful working relationship -It is a dialogue from which everything else flows. ‘Tax Reviews’ are made at regular intervals to ensure everything is going according to plan so that changes can be made in good time if need be.

If you would like a free commercial health check please contact us for an initial discussion.